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Palmetto Business Strategies, LLC

CFO & Tax Accountant in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Accounting is what we do best.

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  • Owner Perspective

    We understand the owner's mindset and we strive to assist our client's by knowing their business the way they do

  • Team

    Our team has the experience, diverse backgrounds and passion to meet all your business needs

  • Strategic Partners

    We have aligned ourselves with the best in the business world from banking, insurance, human resource management, social media and marketing

  • Core Values

    We stand on our Integrity, Honesty, Responsiveness, Professionalism and Quality Service

  • White Glove Service

    We strive to treat each client with respect and dignity and give them our best in all situations

Accounting is what we do best

Palmetto Business Strategies, LLC was founded to provide both for-profit and non-profit organizations a consulting company that they could rely on for all their strategic business development needs. Darren’s knowledge of accounting, bookkeeping, relationships with local bankers, human resource professionals, insurance executives and media marketing gurus will provide value to your business. Having worked in and with many industries throughout his career gives him a vast background of real world experience.

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  • Tax Services

    Filing a relatively simple return can be confusing. It is just too easy to overlook deductions and credits to which you are entitled. Even if you use a computer software program there's no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax professional.

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  • Business Services

    As a business owner, you work hard every single day. Whether it’s managing your employees, overseeing your company’s day-to-day operations, or generating new ideas, you don’t have much time left over to deal with the financial side of your business.

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  • Part Time CFO Services

    If you’re facing important financial decisions, setting a course for your business, or working towards a goal, having the right strategic guidance makes all the difference…

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  • Services for Quickbooks

    When you use accounting software like QuickBooks, you'll have more time to focus on what you do best, which is run your business.

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  • I hired Darren Gore as a consultant for my business over a month ago. I have been truly impressed with his customer service and how hands on he is. In just a short time he has shown me many ways I can improve things in my business from an accounting and day to day operations. Darren will just stop by at times throughout the week to check in and to just observe and learn how we operate on a day to day. I believe this adds value by having another set of eyes outside looking in, while... Read More

    Shaw Williams

  • We have used Palmetto Business Strategies for several of our businesses and have found them to be very prompt, proficient and professional. From business advice to helping to recruit new employees, to bookkeeping and accounting tasks and more, they offer tailored services to suit our varied needs. I highly recommend them... Read More

    Julia Singleton

  • We work on a consistent basis with Palmetto Business Strategies and are continually pleased with their efficiency and definitive advice on business matters within our small firm. All correspondence and meetings are held in a professional... Read More

    Patty Griffith


    Find comfort in knowing an expert in accounting is only an email or phone-call away.

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